Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Tour 2-23-10

These images were by Barbara Dunn of Hollidaysburg, PA  Website - 
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We had a beautiful day on the water and Barbara got some outstanding images! Enjoy:)

#3 My personal best of a dolphin. I've been on dolphin cruises and felt lucky just to see a fin here and there so I was thrilled to capture this awesome creature almost entirely out of the water. I like the water splashing and you can even see the eye if you look closely.

#2 Eric introduced me to the Oyster Catchers and the oyster banks. Though I managed to get several good flight shots - I liked the angle of this particular picture where I could see both the top and bottom of the wings in motion.

#5 This gang of Brown Pelicans each with a different pose cracks me up. They look like they could get into some trouble - like teenagers with nothing to do ;-) I like the colors.

#4 Such a gorgeous couple! I like everything about this picture. Eric stopped the boat so we could see and photograph the Oyster Catchers on their territory. I think this pictures shows-off the lovely oyster shells and the vibrant orange color of the beaks and how about those eyes - wow!

#1 There is something so pleasing to me about the color in this image. A clean, simple background with just a few wisps of grass in the foreground allows all the focus to be on this handsome Great Blue Heron. I especially like the blue lore (that small patch in front of the eye) that shows this bird is in breeding plumage. And of course - he's honking!

 I'm just throwing this one in for fun - I thought it was just so cool to see the huge pair of pelican and the petite pair of oyster catchers together. 

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  1. Hi Eric - I was so excited about getting those pictures and everything we learned from you about the oyster banks! Thanks so much for making our outing a great success. Your easy going personality and knowledge about the area are a winning combination! I'm hoping to get back again and see the dolphins 'strand' feeding. - Barb Dunn