Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Tour 3-15-10

We started from Pinckney Island boat landing for an early morning (2) hour trip. We stayed in the intracoastal waterway to the Port Royal sound and back on a beautiful March morning.

I've attached a few of the most interesting photos taken this morning on our photo shoot.  I learned to dress warmly for a sunrise photo shoot in a boat.  I also learned that taking photos of birds in flight with a long lenses requires skill and practice.  That's why all my photos are of birds with their feet firmly planted on the ground or should I say the oyster reefs.  
Thanks for the outing.  I'd be interested in a future live oaks photo tour.  I'm on face book and would like to become a fan of Eric Horan photo.  Please send me the request/link/whatever is necessary. 

Jette brings up a big challenge when working from a from a boat, how to follow and stop action?. My experience comes from years of shooting ocean sailboat races for the yachting magazines and  even longer shooting wildlife. Learning to anticipate action and practice keeping the subject in the viewfinder is what it's all about. 
For birds this takes spending time in the field and studying their behaviors. Here are a couple of shots that I was able to get the same morning, because I was able to anticipate the action before the birds actually jumped. It is a matter of paying attention to the different signs birds give you just before they go. - Eric Horan

Brown Pelican

Cormorants & Oystercatchers

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  1. Hi Jette - The white egret is very nicely exposed...great shot!

    Eric - the pelican sunrise silhouette is spectacular!