Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 2010 " Photo of the Month"

Atlantic Sunrise - I remember a clear September morning walking the beach for the first time on Hilton Head Island after moving from Colorado. Not a cloud in sight. While totally excited about not facing another ice and snow winter, I remember having mixed feelings by the flatness of my new surroundings - photography wise. Living out west, the Rocky Mountains always provided exciting subject matter. That was over twenty years ago.  In time, my appreciation and enthusiasm for the unique beauty of this region’s natural world has grown exponentially as I study it and spend time in different environments.  The subtle changes of the seasons, tidal fluctuations and ever-changing weather impact every part of the natural world daily – and in particular the sky and water.   

One of the most valuable lessons I learned shooting scenic images in this humid, sub-tropical climate, is to take advantage of the days with lots of cloud action and a clear atmosphere – not so easy to find in the heat of the summer.  I often won’t bother with beauty shots outdoors when there is nothing to work with overhead but blue. In Atlantic Sunrise, the beginning of this day offered a colorful sky,  puffy white cumulus clouds, and an added bonus - wind. I couldn’t feel it because it was only blowing at higher altitudes.  I observed this growing up around mountains. There is always something interesting going on at other altitudes and paying attention to these changes may offer opportunities better than where I’m standing with my camera.  This particular fall morning of fast-moving clouds provided plenty of choices for sculpting images and making interesting compositions.

Photo tip: Clear atmosphere and cloud action provide opportunities to capture dramatic landscape images. While I was headed out at sunrise to shoot shorebirds on the beach, the dramatic sky opened my mind to land and seascapes.  I brought along a wide lens suitable for shots like the one captured in “Atlantic Sunrise.”  Pay close attention to the weather and keep an open mind.  Let the natural conditions outdoors guide you with your camera.  Please visit us online for more information on my products, tours and photography at www.southernlight.biz.

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