Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Tours June- George Flanagan

George joined me for a couple of trips and came away with some really nice images landscapes, images of  wading birds and dolphin 
we had a very nice morning following a group on dolphin and witnessed them strand feeding several times

 The egret and heron taking advantage of all the beached fish : )

waiting for the dolphin to beach themselves again

staying with the dolphin as they moved up the creek

Tri-color Heron in rookery @ Ibis Pond
Snowy Egret feeding in tandem

immature cormorant

Great Blue Heron waiting for dolphin to "Strand Feed"

Salt marsh scenic in small creek off the May River, Beaufort County

 Eric,  Once again thank you for yesterdays trip, it was very exciting.  Please find a few photographs from our 2nd trip from last week, your comments are most welcome. I appreciate very much your energy and passion for both the art and the craft of photography and your willingness to share with others.  I look forward to joining you again next year on a few more trips in HHI area.  Please keep me informed re workshops etc.--George



  1. George- I really like the lighting and the situation, in the dolphin profile shot with the lit up spray from his exhale; but also the potential for more out of this particular situation. The back light in combination with a dark Pluff Mud background really accentuates the dolphin and his movement.... A picture to strive for might be one where you get the eye and the dorsal fin out of water with the same light, next time you're out :)

    The two other dolphin shots are great moments during the feeding frenzy (using exposure compensation- less 1/2 or 3/4 of a stop would have made the white exposure better but these are good usable shots)

    It's hard to find fault with any of your other images - lighting, exposure and compositions are all good- keep up the shooting!

  2. Eric - Thank you for your feedback, it is very much appreciated. I will work to incorporate it in the future. Looking forward to further trips with you in the future when visiting the "Lowcountry." George F.