Friday, March 11, 2011

March 2011 "Photo of the Month"

Great Egret Stalking on Lemon Island

I captured this image while staying overnight on Pritchards Island back when an overnight bunkhouse facility was maintained for environmental and scientific education.  This is no longer the case.  I found this ocean view was a short distance from the front door with only nesting loggerhead turtles as neighbors.  From this view to the left and right are two neighboring barrier islands: the residential Fripp Island to the east and Capers Island, a natural preserve managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources, to the west.  Unfortunately, public access to Pritchards is no longer possible, however there are other barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia remaining in their natural state with public access.   
This image was also taken in the springtime when we often experience abrupt weather changes.  Temperatures fluctuate from warm spring breezes, short sleeve weather to winter storm fronts and then back again.  This, at times, creates dense morning and evening fog.  On the coast, these low hovering clouds move with the sea breeze. When the fog starts to thin or burn off during daylight hours is the time to grab the camera and head out. The challenge is to be in a spot where you can capture good images when it does.  

PHOTO TIP:  When photographing seascapes or anything where movement is part of the scene, like these rolling waves, a useful technique can be blurring that motion.  I enjoy playing with this because I like how it adds a kinetic feel to a still image. It also serves as a design element in the composition. Blurring is done by slowing down the shutter speed. And, if you study the movement you are shooting, you can better anticipate its direction so that you can place it where you want it in the composition.  A tripod is a must in eliminate camera movement.  

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