Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1-Margaret Smith

 Boneyard Beach l
 Boneyard Beach ll
 Evening on Ossabaw
 Jelly in Tidal Pool
 Palmetto Trunk
 Palms on Ossabaw
 Resurrection Fern
 Spanish Moss
Tidal Pool

Eric - Since many of us came away with similar images, I decided to process mine in black and white. I think that sometimes, when the subject we are photographing is colorful, looking at it with different eyes, with the color removed, reveals things about it that we might otherwise overlook.  The old live oaks with their Spanish moss and the boneyard beach seem to cry out for black and white. 

Thanks so much for a great weekend! - Margaret

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  1. When you take away the color we are left with graphic qualities and tools to work with. We photographers must have a feeling for using local contrast and the full tonal range from Zone 1 thru 10 to create our compositions. You have done a stellar job with this, especially (I think:))with "Boneyard Beach l", "Evening on Ossabaw","Palms on Ossabaw" & Palmetto Trunk. Thank you for sharing these and thinking outside the color box. Eric