Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec 2011 "Photo of the Month"

Shrimp Boat at Sunrise / Hunting Island      
Photo of the Month / Eric Horan
December/ 2011 Lowcountry Calendar

There was a light drizzle falling on my morning photo plans to visit Hunting Island.  Often rainfall provides me an excuse to sleep in, but clearing skies were on the forecast.
Everything about Hunting Island that morning was dark and ominous. The sand was heavy with rain, a ceiling of black clouds filled the sky and appeared to hang over the working shrimp boat along the horizon. I was taken by the sole shrimp boat dragging his nets in defiance of the threatening skies – much as the SC shrimp industry is doing, for their fair share in the marketplace against a flood of competition - now global.  I raced down the beach to frame the boat with the storm clouds to create balance and hopefully, a story with the composition.

Photo Tip: Matching lighting conditions with available subject.  The difference between good photography and excellent often leads to how the photographer used light in the finished capture. Even when light conditions are not favorable, there is usually something interesting to grab our attention. Overcast skies are useful for shooting portraits and direct light provides options for different effects whether it’s front, side or backlit. In this image I was working with not much available light at sunrise but I also took advantage of the sky drama and bright horizon behind my subject to create this silhouette. Getting outside in nearly any weather condition, to explore the natural world is an outdoor adventure and can pay dividends.

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