Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 2012 Photo of the Month

Frosty Morning at the Francis Beidler                       
Photo of the Month / Eric Horan
January/2012 Lowcountry Calendar

On February 12, 2010 South Carolina received a record snowfall. Below is the report that was posted on NOAA, a primary source I refer to for weather conditions.  

The storm that affected the midlands of South Carolina and the central Savannah River area of Georgia produced some of the highest snowfall totals on record. The total snowfall at the Columbia Metro Airport was 8.6 inches. It was the largest snowfall to affect the region since the snowstorm of February 1973 nearly four decades ago”.

I arrived at Francis Beidler Forest the day after the storm.  The forest is inside Four Holes Swamp, a 45,000-acre matrix of black water sloughs, shallow bottomland hardwoods, and huge bald cypress trees. Over 16,000 acres are owned by the National Audubon Society  that includes a visitor’s center, 1.75-mile boardwalk trail and kayak or canoe trails. It offers a good look at a rare eco
system of old-growth swamp forest - and on this day, a rare and record snowfall. 

Be flexible with your photo plans. In this case, I was sitting in a photo blind with a group of my photographer friends at Santee Lakes the night before this wintery blast was headed our way. Santee’s managed wetlands are maintained for winter waterfowl stop overs, but prior to the forecasted storm, the weather had been unseasonably warm.  It became apparent the ducks had already moved on.  I made a decision to leave Santee a day early and pay a visit to Francis Beidler Forest.  I was already visualizing   a fresh layer of snow resting on ancient cypress branches. Turned out to be a good move.  
We have just received notice that this image received a Runner-Up Award in a recent photo competition titled “Winter Wonderland”  sponsored by “Chasing the Light Juried Competions.” Winners can be viewed at Chasing The Light
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