Saturday, May 12, 2012

Savannah Tall Ships Challenge 2012

I  recently received an email from a friend and past photo tour guest, Vanessa Kauffman asking me if I was planning on running any tours for the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge during their visit May 3-7.  Although the thought had crossed my mind when I first heard about the event, her call was a nice reminder. After reviewing their schedule, I decided to run one photo tour on the day the ships were planning their departure parade out the Savannah shipping channel toward their next destination in New York Harbor. A few of us visited Tybee Island to watch their planned arrival at sunrise on  Thursday, May 3rd.  But the only boat trip would be to see the parade of ships leaving the Savannah River on Tuesday May 7th. Long story short the response to my email announcing the trip was overwhelming and I ended up having two of my photographer/ boat captain friends @ Hilton Head Island (John Brackett Jim Harkins) help me run the trips in order to handle the 16 people who wanted to go. A few of these images were made at Tybee Island and downtown Savannah  on Thursday morning but the rest were taken on Monday during the exit parade. The consensus was "great times had by all" including the boat drivers : )
I want to thank all of you who came on the tour and especially thank all of you who sent these images to share! ---Eric Horan


Bounty (2)


 Pride of Baltimore

 Pride of Baltimore's arrival

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