Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo Safari - Stan Cochrane

Eric - Having never been to Hilton Head before, my excitement about our visit built once I found you on the 101 things to do in Hilton Head web site. I knew that wildlife was bountiful on the Island, but I can not thank you enough for truly putting my wife and I in full contact with it. Juggling 3 bodies and 5 lens (thank you Sandy for helping me) you gave me more opportunities for photos in 3 hours then I get when shooting a Carolina Panther's game.  Choosing 3-5 photos to show case our trip is IMPOSSIBLE. Hopefully you can post all I have sent (I have dozens more) .  What a great trip, I hope I get the chance to experience another, truly an experience of a life time. 

Brown Pelican - on the wing

 exceptional access to brown pelicans, all w/300 2.8, 40D

Sharing a Perch

Great Egret in Live Oak

 Egret posing w/300 2.8 and 1.4x, Mark II

Great Blue Jumping

 300 2.8 w/1.4x, Mark II

Sunrise in Mouth of Port Royal Sound

Sunrise, heading out 24-70 2.8 circular polarizer, Mark II

Spartina and Puffy Whites @ Fish Haul Creek

 24-70 circular polarizer, Mark II

Stan is a professional sports photographer who freelances with the likes of Carolina Panther football team in Charlotte. This is great experience for shooting wildlife!  As you can see he was on his toes - 

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