Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dolphin Behavior Photo Tours (Sept - Mid Dec)

Dolphin Strand Feeding and more

This is the time of year to observe dolphin behavior. As long as the schooling bait fish are up in the smaller creeks (into Dec) - we can find and observe these magnificent mammals at play and work. Their work is to feed themselves and their new calves. In the open water it is difficult to follow and to predict their movements and where their next breach will be, but in the creeks their movement is much easier to anticipate once you've had some time on the water to study their behavior and learn how to read the signs. I've had this experience and invite you to join me. Come witness the excitement of  dolphins feeding in the small creeks at low tide and photograph the drama with your own camera. The dolphin of South Carolina and Georgia are known for a feeding technique called 'strand feeding. Stranding is just what they do. A team of at least two and up to several dolphin corral and blast through a school of fish sliding up on the mud bank with the school fish  in front of them. When you add the attentive heron, egrets and gulls trying to get their share, you have a real feeding frenzy. For as many times as I've seen this amazing process, I cannot imagine getting tired of watching the  Bottlenose Dolphin of the Lowcountry!

the following images were taken by myself or one of my guests in the few weeks during one of my tours

  (2)  by Molly Mitchell

(2) by Molly's dad, Eric Mitchell

By Chris Kirk

By Naomi Elderfield

By Barbara Dunn

(2) by George Flanigan

 (3) by Eric Horan