Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Tours August- Chris Kirk

Chris Kirk an alumni of one of my nature photography classes and has since been a guest on several of my tours. He has  become a good friend, we even celebrated his birthday together after this trip, over lunch at my favorite mexican food place (Amigos) in Bluffton. He is a camera club member in Beaufort and a rising talent- Have a look : )
Great Egret
Brown Pelican

on fallen tree @ Turtle Island, SC

@ sunrise off Tomkins Island, SC

Great Egret in flight @ Turtle Island

"As a three trip alumnus of Lowcountry wildlife photo tours I can highly recommend them. Eric does not provide a service - he provides an experience! On our dolphin strand feeding tour we saw over a dozen beaching incidents over a 40 minute period. Eric could anticipate their movements and put us in a position to photograph this unusual event. A truly unique endeavor."  Chris

just beaching

turning around

he's watching us?


  1. Terrific!!! Thoroughly enjoy these.
    I especially like the snowy white egret in flight, the pelican party, and fishing boat. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. amazing photos, does anyone know why they beach?

  3. I think it is one of many techniques they use to get some concentrated eating done. Here is an article published in "Nation Wildlife
    Federations magazine.

  4. Kirk really captures the essence of wildlife and the coastal world. I can "feel" the moment in his photos.