Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seabird Rookerys of Charleston Harbor

I have been leading my "Lowcountry Wildlife Photo Safaris" in the Charleston Harbor for the last three seasons during the Month of June. We do just 8 trips timed for the best tides and light. Beside this being the prime time to visit the nesting seabirds my wife and I can also enjoy some of the Spoleto festival : ) It is amazing to me how quickly the realities of nature can change and example, this year there are no Brown Pelicans nesting on Castle Pinckney where they have been for the last several years.  Photographer / friend Vannessa Kauffman shared an aerial photo she had taken recently from a helicopter and the foliage that  has covered the top of the castle is now gone. It looks like an aftermath image of a hurricane or war! Because of this, Crab Bank this year, is like a cramped seabird housing project. Birds on top of birds, forced to nest very close to one another -  Brown Pelican, Royal & Sandwich Tern, Laughing Gulls, Oyster Catchers and Black Skimmers. So far we have done a few trips and have just a few more mid month. Here are a few images from these trips. To see more follow the link to my Facebook gallery. Find out more about these tours at my website. And to join a photo safari send me an email or call 843-524-3037

Castle Pinckney

Brown Pelican Rest, Shem Creek

 Laughing Gull wanting in

 Black Skimmer Jousting

Royal with dinner

 Semipalmated Plover on old Dock piling

 Royal Tern and Spartina Grass

 Crab Bank and Container Ship leaving the port

 Royal delivery

Skimmer Chase

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