Saturday, September 15, 2012

From now on  the third week of each month I will be posting the upcoming  monthly schedule for  open boats (with seats available) for my seasonal "Lowcountry Wildlife Photo Safaris"and for any upcoming photo adventures/workshops. Notice this month we only have a couple left but do watch for October's schedule soon. Or contact me today to schedule a trip for you group. Always looking forward.....Eric

Subject: Florida Photo Adventure Nov 15-18 (4 spaces left), & Lowcountry Wildlife Photo Tours-open seats-Sept
Hi all,

Marvin Bouknight are again teaming up and co-leading another series of wildlife photo workshops and adventures this year and the next one is coming up soon to the Space Coast of Florida, our 2nd annual. We hope you will consider joining us November 15-18 for an action packed three days of avian photography, learning field technique, equipment expertise, critique & sharing with other passionate photographers @ Merritt Island and Viera Wetlands. The Downloadable brochure is @ my website under the "Eric's Blog & Photo Tours" tab.


Each month I book many photo safaris for groups or privates, but I also recieve a ton of calls by individuals who want to join a mixed group. Below is a list of the two different photo tours I lead in late August thru September with open seats. Reserve your seat now an take advantage of these great photo opportunities.  To see some images from past tours click the LowcountryPhotoSafaris facebook links-  Shrimp boats -Dolphin

Take a look at these available trips to see if you'd like to join an open boat. When you contact me to make your reservation I will send you a list of "things to consider bringing on the boat". If you have a group of three or more people (see discounts below) please call 843-524-3037 or email to schedule a day that suites your party. NOTE: If you are just one or two people and want to go but can't find a date that suites your schedule, I will try to find one or two more to join YOUR group if the day(s) you choose are open (the more lead time the better) (call or email). All of the open boats listed below started in just this way, one or two of you contacted me to go out this coming month : )

Trip #1  Shrimp boats & seabirds & dolphin that follow + Fall Shorebird Migrations : This trip, will run through the end on December. Birds include: Black Skimmer, Oyster Catcher, Brown Pelican, Royal Tern, Sandwich Tern and Laughing Gulls,Willit. Marbled Godwit, Yellow-legs, Dowitcher, Red Knot, + many sandpiper & plover + egret and heron. (email for full list).
3 seats  on the SEP 24th boat @ 4 PM -  Departure Landing Pending (either Port Royal Or St Helena Sound)
4 seats  on the SEP 28th boat @ 7 AM -  Departure Landing Pending (either Port Royal Or St Helena Sound)
Trip #2  Back waters Dolphin Behavioral Tours, includes wading birds, gulls, tern, pelican, osprey and much more: This trip combines dolphin feeding in the small creeks + wading birds and shorebirds doing the same, sometimes in feeding frenzy fashion for an action packed wildlife experience and photo opportunity.
3 seats  on the SEP 21st boat @ 7 AM -  Departure Landing : All Joy Boat Landing or  Bluffton, SC
Make your plans now, Collect your photography friends to join you and receive the following discounts: Regular rate is: $130 per person. Bring two friends for a 10% discount ($116 per person). Bring three friends for a 20%  discount ($104 per person). Privates for one & two people  are $300 for one, and only $175 each if there are two of you. (Advantages: me and the boat to yourselves + fully customizable trips any time of year and anywhere from Tybee to Bull Island north of Charleston)

Notes: For those of you who have done trips with me in the past may notice the interior of the boat has been re-configured to accommodate 4 photographers comfortably. I moved the wheel house to the back and all the photo seats forward.

Late summer and the fall is a great time to be on the water in the Lowcountry salt marshes and I hope you can make one of these trips.

Always looking forward,


Eric Horan Photographer
Lowcountry Wildlife Photo Safaris
PO Box 456, Beaufort, SC 29901
843-524-3037 /

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