Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Safari- Carmody Baker

 Eric - "I could have gone on and on submitting pictures because your tour was fantastic and you afforded me wonderful opportunities to shoot".  - Carmody

                           Eric dropped me off on this island and I took pictures of these birds. I cropped in tight.

                                                               a baby pelican learning to fly

                             3 birds on the dock. I love the colors, helped with nik and cloned out the power lines:)

                                                                                        Not great but my best egret shot.

                              This was a photo of a shrimp boat at the dock. It was nothing special so I cropped it tight 
and then went into Topaz4 to bring out the colors.

My favorite. We were at the dock and I kept my lens focused on the eye of this shrimp boat captain ( hard to do in the boat with a heavy hand held 100-400 lens) he looked up to tell us that a shrimp boat was coming in and I got the shot. 

Shrimp boat at sunset. I could only get this shot because Eric kept moving his boat so that the boat was aligned with the setting sun. Edited in NIK.

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  1. Carmody, Hey I corrected the spelling : ) I'm sure I can find out who this shrimper is - I'll let you know. I'm sure he'd love it, such a nice portrait!