Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photo Safari- Rachel Marin

 Hi Eric,

We really enjoyed our photo tour with you this past Saturday.  I was not feeling well (Not sea sick or anything)  at all but still managed to get some decent shots I think, at least.  I clicked the "Like" button on your facebook page and also visited your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about you on your blog and viewing your photography!   Your work is exceptional! l  was curious if you had any dolphin photo tours available for the afternoon/eve of Aug 21.  

The dolphin strand feeding was fascinating! I have a attached a couple more photos's to go with the few others that I sent from the previous photo tour.  I personally am very pleased with the dolphin image that I have attached as well as the shrimp boats that I got on the previous tour.  Definately amoung my favorites of all of my images thus far.  Anyways, we definately will book more tours with you in the future.

Again, thanks!

Rachel Clinch


I just think all the images you sent are great! And again, I think it is so neat to see what others see when we are all in the same boat, so to speak : ) 

Looking forward,


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