Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ossabaw Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1 / Sharon Lindsay

Hi Eric - Please accept my thanks and appreciation for the great workshop you and your crew gave us on Ossabaw Island.  It was a fantastic location enhanced by great weather and nice people. - Sharon Lindsay

It's All In The Feet /  Cormorants demonstrate their bounce takeoff technique to other flock members.  With the proper kick, it is possible to flick sand into the faces of gulls and terns.
Middle Place Sunset / The schoolhouse was an eye catcher and worthy of quite a few photos.  However, the wide expanse of the marsh caught my eye, with the setting sun adding that elusive warm glow.

Moon Rise At South End Beach / The serenity of the beach at daybreak was delightful and it preceded a fabulous day of exploring the island in detail.
Palm Remnants / The setting sun added glow and detail to the standing remains of cabbage palm trees.  It caught my eye and made me wonder why there were so many dead trees in this one site.  Water intrusion?
 Respite At The Oyster Bar /  The proliferation of shore birds seen during the boat trip was a special treat.  This area is obviously a mecca for migrating shorebirds.
Storm Clouds / An afternoon shower gave beautiful clouds and color that enhanced the beauty and scope of the salt marsh.  Clouds can serve as the icing on a plain image.
Tidal Pool Conflict / Two Snowy Egrets argue over which will rule the tidal pool.  Totally irrelevant since the eight foot tidal exchange changes the landscape rapidly.


  1. Sharon - very nice images! I love the Storm Clouds and Palm remnants but also the Middle Place sunset and Tidal Pool conflict : )) Thanks so much for sharing your images!

  2. Sharon Outstanding images, thank you for sharing them with us! I especially like "Palm Remnants", "Storm Clouds" and "Tidal Pool Conflict" but they all are stunning & show just how content rich Ossabaw island is as a photo destination. Eric