Monday, May 16, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1- Nancy Lipe

 Imagine tales the trees lining this path could tell, a step back in time.
 Early morning light makes even old tree bones look pretty.
 Morning visit to the boneyard.
 Willet taken from Eric’s boat.
 Shy American Oystercatcher on the beach with a molted shell of a horseshoe crab.
 Smorsbourg of shore birds: foreground, immature and mature Brown Pelican; mid-ground,  Ring-billed Gull; and background, Willet, Marbled Godwit and more.
 Marbled Godwit and Willet on the edge of the surf.
 Shore birds including Willet, Red Knot, and others.
 Red Knot, Willet, Black Skimmer.
 Ring-billed Gull, Willet & Ruddy Turnstone.
 What a beach treasure in early, golden light.
 Nun buoy on the beach.
 Great and Snowy Egret in the pond
 Great and Snowy Egret with ripples in the water.
 What a face!
 Early morning light really makes simple images really pop.
Cannon ball Jelly


  1. Nancy - Thank you for sharing your work, it is wonderful and again shows how unique we all are, both as people and photographers. I'll always be amazed how somebody with your small stature can wield such big equipment : )) Eric

  2. Nancy's photos are great! She really saw some awesome stuff, as a naturalist I like the birds, I just can't help myself! Jim's images are strong as well. Maybe we should all just go on tour and take the show on the road!

    Marvin Bouknight