Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1-Toby Hilton

 Sunrise on the other end of the island. It was great not having anyone there except the people with us
 Someones old home  at sunset. No one lives there now.  The moss hanging from the trees (Very Large) trees made the  house and us seem small.
 Birds in flight. Eric took us out in his boat (4 at a time) to see and photograph the different shore birds. There were a great many.
 The road leaving from the bunkhouse. It led to many wonderful photo locations.
 A large Oak tree on the way back to the bunkhouse from our outing,
 Red Winged Blackbird at the marsh . just making some noise.
  A Plover checking me out. I was down on my knees taking a photo of something else and I looked over my shoulder and about 4 to 6 feet away was this guy?
 On the way back to the bunkhouse as came to a marsh there was a large number of Egrets feeding. So Eric stopped and we got out and with his direction moved in slowly and got quite close and and some good shots.
 We were here for a sunset. It was a marsh that was very quiet and peaceful. We didn't have a problem with bugs
 Another view of the old house at sunset.
 There were some hummingbird feeders on the porch and during the time we were not out on a outing we would take a few shots of these guys
 This guy was all alone just standing there as to say where did the water go.
 Another guy (Spotted Sandpiper) wondering where did the water go. No one there but our group. A dozens of us.
  A couple of friends. They were not fenced in . There were about 6 donkeys and they would wander up to the bunkhouse for food and attention, which they got plenty of...
A passing storm. On the first day Thursday there was some strong storms going by. We got a little rain but for the remainder of the weekend the weather food and people were wonderful.
 Painted bunting: I was sitting on the porch of the bunk house and along he came. he stayed for about 15 minutes.

I had a great time and I will be looking for the chance to do another trip with you and Marvin.

Thank You

Toby Hilton


  1. These photos Toby are a feast for your eyes, some very nice work and yet another look at the this special barrier island. Thanks for sharing them with us and for helping to make this trip so special. Eric (I,m jealous about the Spotted Sandpiper and the Painted Bunting :-))

  2. Nice collection Toby. The road to the bunkhouse sounds like a great book and that image would be excellent cover. wow. Love the Bunting ....and must look up that plant -- I missed those blooms. Jan

  3. Toby:

    "Nice shots, Toby! As I look at everyone's photos, I am amazed at the different compositions, angles, and use of focal lengths. Great shots and I really love the painted bunting on the cedar (would you expect anything different from me?)! - Marvin