Monday, May 23, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1-Tom Korbutt

 Born To Soar

 I selected a variety of photos that depicted my stay on Ossabaw island from birds to island settings and the barrier island beaches.  The stay on the island brought me closer to mother nature and solidified my passion to continue my love of photography, especially the wildlife which I love to watch in their habitat and have the privilege to photograph..  The barrier island is a unique place to visit and  I  plan to return in the fall to enjoy a different season and flavor of the island.

The experience was great but what made it outstanding was the interaction with you, Marvin, Jan, Jill, and the other photographers especially in the field as well as at home base where we shared our experiences and photos.  In addition helping each other with computers, cameras and getting in and out of our open air safari truck as we lumbered out into the dark each day on our  photo safaris.  The photos I have seen so far are really great as each of us found different ways to present what we saw and experienced.  My congrats to you all, your photos which made this island trip special to me.
Best Regards to All,

Tom Korbutt
Sun City Hilton Head

 Can You Hear Me Now
 Eric on the Ball
 Flaps Down Comin In
 High 5
 Lift Off
Long Road Home
 Maze In wood
 Night Heron Watching
 Ossabaw Sunrise @ South End Beach
 Pelican Beach Race
 Praying for a Better Shot
 Reflection Broken View
 Sky Birds Ballet
 Soft Palette of Color
 Sunlight thru the Moss
 Sunrise at Bradley Beach
 Sunset on Fire
 Sunset on Middle Place
 Trying to Blend In
Woodstock VW Pot Mobile


  1. Tom, Thank you for sticking with it and getting these together for this posting. I hope you feel the effort and learning curve was worth it :-) Again we have a another unique impression of our photo weekend. You have quite a number of images here that make me wonder if we were on the same trip! I think that's how differently we all see things. Thanks for sharing your vision, your very active eye.

  2. Tom:

    "Boy, Tom, you've really captured the essence and diversity of Ossabaw! Such a varied group of photos and it reminds me that when we do another one of these, I'm going to follow you on one of the mornings and try to see what you see! :>) I love the macro of the driftwood rings and fissures. Good stuff!" - Marvin