Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1-Anne Sosbe

 Hey Eric,

How am I supposed to pick just 20 ughghgh ;)

Thanks again for all that you do, the trip, the knowledge, the advise... much appreciated.

I would like some feed back, as I didn't get to show them to the group. I have pretty thick skin, so be as critical as you want... its a learning process. I'm still getting familiar with my 'big girl' camera.. and seem to have issues with exposure getting blown out.... I dialed down an f stop- when I had time or could remember.. and it helped, but in general that is my down fall.

Thanks again, I really enjoyed the trip, the group, and the experience

Thanks again,
Ann Sosbe
" April On Ossabaw" 
thanks to Toby, I turned around and got this shot... a macro would have been awesome... but you would also loose the feel of the other leaves....
 mmmm "Beach In Blue"
yep I know the rule of thirds part about not having the horizon in the middle.... but it was more about the tree... and it is not quite a silhouette... that is kinda cool :)
 "Spirt of the Island"
...while the crab is gone.... his spirt lives on.... again with the rule of thirds......I tred differnt croppings.... came back to this one.
 "Mr. Painted Bunting"
at least I know this is a male... and like the bald eagle... my holy grail of birds....ok add the spoonbills in there too ;) Probably too much zooming in on the crop... but I love the highlight on the eye....
 'Window to Another Day"
I'm all about some color as you can see.... love the feel  /mood of this window....
"Morning Golden Hour"
I think this is Jim and Toby... if anyone know for sure please let me know..... a perfect depiction of the weekend.....
 "The Island that is Ossabaw"
Nothing.. but then so much here....  I love this shot
 "Fire Palms"
.....when we got out of the truck before the sun came up, I knew these were going to be spectacular in the light.
... reminds me of the spokes on a bicycle wheel.... a little blown out in the center.... see previous comments haha
 "Meadow of the Sea"
this is the grass on the back side of the dunes....please tell me the name....
 "Shifting Dollar"
.....dropped the depth of field very short on this one... another good shot for a macro... but I made do.
I had to run back in for my camera for this one, she was just too cute
 " Outta Here"
.... I got a great shot with the 200mm....would loved to have gotten  all the wings... but I keep this one....
 "Morning Oak"
..... all I did was crop... the effects were the rippels and imperfections in the glass of the upstairs window of the Club House.
 "Palms On the Pond"
.... this was a breath taking site....
 "Palms of Yesterday"
loved the still glass reflections...
 "Window from the Past"
....heading down to breakfast-thanks again ladies- I had to dash back for my camera-AGAIN. The old wavy glass and sunrise were too much to pass up. I would like to have had more room around the edges, too close of a crop. I just look at this and wonder how many other people since the late 1800's, have gazed out this same window.... if those walls could talk...
 "Middle Place"
.... didn't get to peek in the window... everyone was taking shots, next time!
 "Sea of Gold"
Like I said, I love color.....
"Sea Horse  in the Wave"
... well almost, again probably cropped way to much on this but I loved the action in the wave.....

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  1. Ann.... Remarkable images! Again I can't get over how much individuality we all have when it comes to creating images. It's like our need to express ourselves visually is screaming "turn me loose" and that is exactly what we did on the island for three+ days. We were free to express and that is what your work is illustrating- I love it- thanks so much for sharing the time and the images and thoughts... Eric