Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1-Steven Gold

 I like this Cormorants in flight shot.  Used Nikon 70-200 with 1.7x TC.  Jim had set the autofocus setting properly 2 days before, and, of course you got us in good position on the water. In retrospect I would have used smaller aperture to get both birds eyes in focus. No catch light as they were flying away from the sun, I believe.
 Dead Fall-South Beach
 Jelly Ball
I get WOWs (from staff at work) on the Ossabaw Main Road shot.  Thanks to Suzanne for lending me her tripod for that shot.  The overcast sky was perfect for the shot. I plan on putting it up in our local Catawba Valley Camera Club (landscape theme) competition in couple weeks.
Oyster Catcher
  South Beach

 The Willows
 The pelican shot is interesting in that the subjects are on the perimeter of the image, breaking the usual rule. I kinda like the effect.
Hi Eric-I thoroughly enjoyed Ossabaw and would love to see it in the fall- Best regards...Steven Gold

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  1. Hey Steven,

    Nice job on the photos! You had some great opportunities on the boat trip with Eric and took advantage of them...All pics are great except for the one with that naturlist guy. That's proof right there that it's not always the photographer's fault, sometimes you can't do much with the subject...Good job and it was fun spending time with y'all