Friday, May 13, 2011

Ossabaw Weekend Photo Adventure, April 28th-May1- Jim Williams

 I'm a sucker for silhouettes especially those created by our setting sun.  It was taken the night of the Roseate fly by.  I would like to have used a wider focal length, but the car and people were in the way.
 Of course this is the Avenue of Oaks which seemed to go on forever.  I liked that road but I also liked the road leaving to the left raising the question, "I wonder where that goes?"
 It's the same picture you all saw the first evening, toned down a little, not so much saturation.  It was that rainy Thursday afternoon.  Good light.
 My interpretation of "Beach art." 
 The two mules were great, but the trash can, I think, ruins it.  If I tried to move the can, the mules would have moved,  Catch 22.
 Walking around Middle Plantation,  you had the feeling you shouldn't be there.  Time had stood still, here .
  This was taken within seconds of the sun breaking the horizon with a 600mm lens.  The jagged horizon was real and,  I think, adds to the appeal for the image.
  After one of the passing showers in front of the clubhouse.
 I took some liberties in Photoshop with this image.
To have those 4 Roseate Spoonbills make two fly-bys, made the evening for me.  To get a lucky shot like this made it even nicer.
 This Semi-palmated Plover made a beautiful landing right in front of me and I got a whole series of shots. This was the best, a little soft, but useable.

This was the nest area down by the old marker.  I was watching the plover setting on the nest when she/he got up and went to the shore line and started feeding.    After a few seconds she/he chirped and a different plover, who was feeding about 30' away, took off and landed by the nest.  He/she looked around, checked out the eggs and sat down.  This is the second plover just before he/she sat down.

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  1. Jim, this is an outstanding collection of images you posted from Ossabaw! I really looks to me that you had a blast exploring with your camera! Thank you so much for sharing these and joining us for the weekend! You are an inspiration : ))